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1.too much太多 2.lie down躺下

3.see a dentist看牙医

4.get an X-ray做个X光检查

5.take one’s temperature量体温

6.put some medicine on…在…上敷药

7.have a fever发烧

8.play computer games玩电脑游戏

9.all weekend整个周末

10.take breaks/take a break休息

11 without thinking twice没多想

12 go to doctor看医 13.get off下车

14.take sb.to the hospital送某人去医院

15.wait for等待

16.to one’s surprise使…惊讶的;

17.thanks to多亏;由于 18.in time及时

19.think about考虑

20.have a heart problem患有心脏病

21.get to到达 22.right away立刻;马上

23.get into trouble造成麻烦(或烦恼)

24.do the right thing做正确的事

25.fall down摔倒 26.play soccer踢足球

27.put…on sth.把…放在某物上

28.a few几个;少数 29.come in进来

30.get hit/sunburned被打击/晒伤

31.be interested in对…感兴趣

32.be used to习惯于 33.because of因为

34.take risks/take a risk冒险

35.lose one’s life失去生命

36.run out(of)用完;耗尽

37.cut off切除 38.get out of离开;从…出来

39.make a decision/decisions做决定

40.be in control of掌管;管理

41.think about考虑 42.give up放弃

43.go mountain climbing去爬山


1.need to do sth.需要去做某事

2.see sb. Doing sth.看见某人正在做某事

3.ask sb.sth.询问某人某事

4.expect sb.(to)do sth.期望某人做某事

5.agree to do sth.同意做某事

6.help sb.(to)do sth.帮助某人做某事

7.want to do sth.想要做某事

8.tell sb. to do sth.告诉某人去做某事

9.have problem(in)doing sth.

10.be/get used to doing sth.习惯做某事

11.use sth. to do sth.用某物去做某事

12.seem to do sth.好像做某事

13.keep on doing sth.继续做某事

14.mind doing sth.介意做某事



1.clean up打扫(或清除)干净

2.cheer up(使)变得高兴起来;振奋起来

3.give out分发 4.used to曾经…;过去…

5.give away赠送;捐赠 6.set up建起;设立

7.make a difference影响;有作用

8.come up with想出 9.put off推迟

10.put up张贴 11.call up打电话给

12.help out帮助…摆脱困难

13.care for照顾;照看 14.give up放弃

15.try out for参加选拔 16.come true实现

17.run out of用光 18.take after与…相像

19.fix up修理 20.be similar to与…相似


1.need to do sth.需要做某事

2.make plans to do sth.制定计划做某事

3.ask sb.(not)to do sth.要求某人不要做某事

4.used to do sth.过去常常做某事

5.give up+时间+to do sth.放弃时间去做某事

6.get a feeling of…有…感觉

7.decide to do sth.决定做某事

8.help sb.(to)do sth.帮助某人做某事

9.make a difference to对…产生影响

10.make it possible for sb.to do sth.




1.do the dishes洗餐具

2.take out the rubbish倒垃圾

3.go out出去 4.stay out待在外面;不在家

5.help out帮助完做某事 6.at least至少

7.throw down扔下 8.all the time频繁;反复

9.in surprise惊讶地 10.as soon as一…就…


12.in oder to为了

13.provide sth. for sb.向某人提供某物

14.depend on依赖;信赖

15.look after照顾;照看 16.get into进入

17.keep it clean and tidy保持它干净和整洁

18.take care of照顾 19.as a result结果


1.finish doing sth.做完某事

2.want sb. to do sth.想要某人做某事

3.try(not)to do sth.尽力(不)做某事

4.let sb. do sth.让某人做某事

5.spend…(in)doing sth.花费…做某事

6.mind doing sth.介意做某事

7.learn to do sth.学会做某事

8.learn how to do sth.学会怎样做某事

9.the+比较级,the+比较级 越…,就越…



1.too much太多(修饰不可数名词)

2.too many(修饰可数名词)

3.hang out闲逛 4.get into a fight争吵

5.go to sleep去睡觉

6.call sb.(up)给某人打电话

7.be good at擅长 8.talk about谈论

9.on the phone在电话中

10.look through浏览;翻阅;仔细检查

11.give back归还

12.be angry with sb.生某人的气

13.a big deal重要的事 14.no problem没问题

15.work out解决;算出

16.get on with sb.与某人和睦相处

17.feel lonely感到孤独

18.communicate with sb.与某人交流

19.in future今后;从今以后 20.next time下次

21.make friends交朋友 22.be worried about担心23.be afraid of害怕… 24.in front of在…前面

25.not…any more不再… 26.play sports做运动

27.compete with sb.与某人竞争

28.so much/many那么 29.have lessons上课

30.go shopping去购物 31.cut out删除;删去

32.a few几个;少数 33.all kinds of各种各样的


35.agree with sb.同意某人(的想法)

36.in one’s opinion依…看

37.something quiet一些安静的事

38.turn down调小


1.allow sb.to do sth.允许某人做某事

2.Why don’t you do sth.你为什么不做某事呢?

3.want to do sth.想要做某事

4.find sb. doing sth.发现某人正在做某事

5.tell sb.to do sth.告诉某人做某事

6.refuse to do sth.拒绝做某事

7.let sb.do sth让某人做某事

8.offer to do sth.主动提出做某事

9.mind sb.doing sth.介意某人做某事


11.want sb.to do sth.想要某人做某事

12.It’s time for sth.该做某事了

13.It’s+adj.+to do sth.做某事是…的

14.keep on doing继续做

15.What do you think of…?你认为…怎么样?



1.wait for等候 2.look for寻找

3.go off(闹钟)发出响声

4.take a shower洗澡;淋浴

5.pick up接电话 6.make sure务必;确保

7.have fun玩得开心 8.fall asleep入睡;睡着

9.die down逐渐变弱;逐渐消失

10.wake up醒来;叫醒

11.in a mess凌乱不堪;乱七八糟

12.clean up打扫干净;整理

13.in times of difficulty在困难时期

14.take photos拍照;照相

15.play the piano弹钢琴 16.turn on打开

17.listen to the radio听收音机

18.right away立刻;马上 19.get to到达

20.have a look看 21.because of因为

22.make one’s way行走;前进

23.in silence沉默地;无声地

24.take down摧毁;拆卸;记下

25.tell the truth说实话 26.point out指出

27.go away消失;离开 28.as well也

29.three times a week一周三次 30.call out喊出


1.be busy doing sth.忙着做某事

2see sb./sth. doing sth.看见某人或某物正在做事

3.begin/start to do sth.开始做某事

4.try to do sth.努力去做某事

5.It’s+adj.+to do sth.做某事是…的

6 have trouble(in)doing sth.做某事是有困难的



1.work in 从事 2.as soon as 一…就…

3.take …away 拿走,带走

4.a good way to solve his problem


5.a little bit 有点儿 6.give up 放弃

7.seem very possible 似乎有可能

8.agree with sb 赞同某人

9.different opinions 不同的观点

10.the main character 主要人物

11.once upon a time 从前

12.at other times 平时;有时

13.make 72 changes 做出72种变化

14.turn…into 变成

15.hide his tail 隐藏它的尾巴

16.come out 出现;出版;结果是

17.the weak 弱者 18.make a dress 做衣服

19.fall in love with sb 爱上某人

20.get married 结婚 21.open up 打开

22.be born 出生 23.think of ways 想出方法

24.all over the world 全世界

25.sound stupid 听起来愚蠢

26.in the forest 在森林里

27.the whole family 整个家庭

28.make a plan 制定一个计划

29.be quiet 安静 30.go to sleep 去睡觉

31.get up 起床 32.along the way 沿路

33.be lost 迷路 34.wake up 醒来

35.go out 出去 36.pieces of bread 面包片

37.never mind 不要紧 38.find…out 找出

39.inside the house 在房子里面

40.learn about 了解 41.because of 因为


1.try to do sth 设法做某事

2.finish doing sth 完成做某事

3.continue to do sth 继续做某事

4.make sb do sth 让某人做某事

5.keep doing sth 一直做某事

6.instead of doing sth 代替做某事

7.be able to do sth 能够做某事

8.become interested in doing sth 对做某事感兴趣

9.a new TV program called Monkey


10.It take/took some time to do sth


11.have no time to do sth 没时间做某事

12.can’t stop doing 禁不住做某事

13.hear sb doing sth 听见某人正在做某事

14.lead sb to someplace 带领某人去某地

15.leave sth at/in someplace 把某物遗忘在某地

16.show sb sth 向某人展示某物

17.love doing sth 喜欢做某事



1.take in 吸入;吞入(体内)

2.in the face of 面对(问题,困难等)

3.at birth 出生时 4.talk about 谈论

5.as you can see 正如你所看到的

6.as far as I know 据我所知

7.mountain climbing 登山

8.give up 放弃 9.up…to 直…到

10.prepare …for… 为…准备…

11.walk into 撞到 12.fall over 摔倒

13.take care of 照顾;照看

14.die from 死于…… 15.cut down 砍倒

16.or so 大约,左右 17.in the future 将来

18.because of 因为 19.in danger 处于危险之中


1.any other +名词复数 其他任何一个……

2.Feel free to ask sb sth on 就…随便问某人某事

3.one of+形容词级+可数名词复数 最…之一

4.what’s the + 形容词级 + in the world ? 世界上最……是什么?

5.How high is …? ……有多高

6.protect…from/against…保护…使不受…, 防御

7.succeed in doing sth 成功做某事

8.spend …doing… 花费…做某事

9.There be sb/sth doing… 有某人/物正在做某事

10.teach sb about sth 教某人有关…内容

11.send sb to do sth 派某人去做某事

Unit 8


1.go out to sea 出海 2.full of 充满

3.grow up 长大 4.put…down 放下;记下

5.on page 50 在50页 6.at least 至少

7.hurry up 赶快 8.on the island 在岛上

9.have nothing 什么也没有

10.bring back to sp 带回到某地

11.give up 放弃 12.wait for 等待

13.cut down trees 砍树

14.the marks of… ……的痕迹

15.on the sand 在沙子上

16.not long after that 之后不久

17.a broken ship 一艘坏船

18.a piece of land 一块陆地

19.in the middle of the sea 在海的中间

20.leave behind 遗忘;留下

21.go to the movies/see the film 看电影

22.more than 超出 23.a bit boring 有点儿无聊

24.fight over 与……争吵;争斗

25.full of feelings 充满感情

26.on the radio 通过收音机 27.think about 考虑

28.come to realize 逐渐意识到

29.ever since then 从那时起

30.a kind of 一种 31.such as 例如

32.the importance of money and success 金钱和成功的重要性

33.belong to 属于 34.each other/one another 彼此35.do some research 做一些研究

36.become famous 变得出名

37.find out 找出;查出

38.at the end of the day 在一天结束的时候


1.finish doing sth 完成某事

2.arrive at/in sp 到达某地

3.learn to do sth 学习/学会做某事

4.see sa doing sth 看见某人正在做某事

5.help sb do sth 帮助某人做某事

6.name sb sth 给某人取名为…

7.teach sb sth 教某人某事

8.use sth to do sth 用某物做某事

9.love to do/doing sth 喜欢做某事

10.be interested in sth/doing sth 对某事/做某事感兴趣

11.can’t wait to do sth 迫不及待做某事

12.used to do sth 过去常常做某事

13.be kind to sb 对某人友好

14.It’s + n + to do 做某事是……的

15.one of the + 形容词级 +名词复数 最……之一

16.hope to do sth 希望做某事

17.have time to do sth 有时间做某事


1. 坚持不懈,从不间断。每天至少看 10-15 分钟的英语,早晨和晚上是学英语的最好时间。

(Never give up, keep working on. Speak English at least 10-15 minutes every day. The best time to learn English is in the morning and the evening.)


(Different kinds of ways to learn English. One way is boring, you can use other ways, so that you won't feel bored.)


(Connect up to down, don't make it alone. According to the passage, remember the words and phrases, try to graspe the meanings of the words. )







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