Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen:

Thank you for coming to this election campaign today. With the trust and complete support of my team, I am delighted to announce that I am running for chairman of the Student Union.

As a diligent man with pleasant personality, I have been always considered to be a good team member. Meanwhile, as a big fan of sports I fully realize the importance of teamwork and advocate the spirit of being quicker and stronger. I possess strong determination to take firm steps toward achieving the objectives of my team. In addition, my working experience with the Student union in the past two years will be extremely helpful to my future work here if I get elected.

A sign of a really strong organization is that it can change its leadership without hindering its proGREss and without damaging its values. If I am elected, I believe I have the capability to lead the union to advance in the right direction. I will cooperate well with my fellow members of the union and take innovative measures, including establishing a student-information center, forming a teacher-student-friendship association, to make the union a true assistance to students study and life here as well as a bridge of communication between teachers and students.

Thank you very much.


My competition speech

As we all know, the purpose of Students Union in our university is for students and serves students. I guess everyone in our university wants to have friendly social circles, exquisite campus, various students activities and interesting games. They are nice wishes that belong to students, and formidable duties that are taken over by the Students Union. But in achieving all these above, we have to establish a strong team in Students Union to organize, as I can see, and you are eager to take part in the sea of joy.

Students Union is actually a powerful organization for what they do for the convenience of every student in our university, which has set an excellent example for other students organizations and prevails in the competition with them. But we all should notice that, in order to keep its vitality and energy, the Students Union need a awesome president as a leader to plan, to arrange, to organize and to supervise every details of tasks, games and activities, and he would be on duty from the second he is selected by you, sensible and wise students. Having experienced two years in Students Union, I have become mature and seasoned enough to continue in the more and more severe challenges no matter how difficult it is. Whats more, I am always a responsible man whatever the situation is.

My sense of responsibility has shown in my work, and could be also proved by my prize for my contribution that I have made during the period in Students Union. If you are in hesitation to select a good president, do not omit me as long as you remember me and my previous performance. No one has given his heart and soul to Students Union more than I have. Unhappily, sometimes you might be blinded by those people who want to grab your trust by speaking sugared words. But I am not a liar, and to lie is mot my style. You can trust me, and I would testify my responsibility and carefulness in the days that follow. I wish you could give me a chance to lead Students Union and create more wonders for you. I wish you could make a right decision.


It is great to be at our school, it is an honor to have everybody here to listen to my speech. This is beyond anybody’s expectation, I stand here run for the student council president.

My name is Thor, today is my 15th birthday. In your mind, maybe I’m a person like Chaplin, a comedian, a person don’t take thing’s seriously. But now, I’m ready for new challenges. In the past two years, the student council officers were all girls, it doesn’t mean boys don’t have the ability to run the student council, I don’t know what they are fearing about, why students were kept talking about the weaknesses about the student council, but don’t have the courage to stand here and run for the president.

People who are close to me knows, I have a good sense of humor, also I’m a person that is willing to help other people.

I’m a person who follow my passion, during 20xx to 20xx, I was the leader of the singing group that consisted by my classmates. I’m not a person that force other people to do something, I let people in the group vote which song they want to sing, so they are very happy to sing with each other, most importantly I light their passion of singing. In the end, we sang two song on a charity party, it received a lot of appreciation, that’s why I think democracy is very important.

In my life, the most important thing is to keep my friends around me, in our school, I made lots of friends. In the past 3 years, our school have a lot of activities and events that helped me to increase our friendships. The thing I like the most about our school is that we don’t have a lot of students in each class, and each class is mixed by students from different countries and different backgrounds.

Another thing I like about this school is that the student council listens to student’s ideas. Although some activities can’t come to reality because of the financial problems.

To get more money for student council, I will make relation products for our mascot, sell them and gathering money to make students’s ideas come true.

In our school, we have a lot of talented student, I’m good at music, so I want to do a few concert with our musicians and artist in our school, I will give the profit to the blind school in Qingdao. This activity also gives a chance to students to do there service and action.

If I become the president of the student council, I will try to gather every student’s idea and turn their ideas into reality, this will help students to get involved in the school’s community, and it also will help students to be a more successful person in their future life. I am planning to start a sport department in our school, sports is an area which we should improve on I will support students who are interested at sports to run the sport department.

Then I will continue the youth club on Friday after school, we will do more activities and try to enjoy our weekend time, such as skate board club, photography club and debate club as some of the students talked about, I will organize those kinds of club if I am elected, and I will let students in our school take leaderships.

The school is developing, open your visions, don’t see things in tiny views. You should start thinking about what school’s going to be like in the future. Keep following your passions, you can eventually succeed. so Tell me what’s your passion, and we will work together and make your dreams come true.

Thank you. Vote for me, I will offer you a great school year.












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